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Welcome to NearMax Synergy Limited.

We are Africa’s pioneer short-dated pharmaceutical products management company,the company behind nearexpirydrugs.With collective Pharmaco-medical experience of over 34 years,our directors’ mission is to prevent the huge financial losses caused by product expiration to pharma companies,and increase access to safe and essential medicines to the public,especially in Africa.







Loss Prevention:

Allowing drugs to expire comes with a huge burden on the society.It entails massive loss of financial resources to Pharma companies running into billions of dollars annually.More unfortunate is the humanitarian public health burden of loss of lives due to inaccessibility to life saving drugs.Between a drug expiring on the shelf and it being used to save lives,our company comes in to ensure the latter is achieved.
We help companies reduce financial loss,and equally help society avoid loss of lives by following the life cycle of pharma products to ensure that towards the end of their shelf lives,instead of allowing them to expire, they are safely made available and affordable in order to be utilised for therapeutic purposes.We achieve this through a win-win approach where the companies significantly reduce the prices of these products to make them more affordable. Our job is to negotiate the price reduction,make the products available to healthcare providers and make the medicines accessible to end users.

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Low Prices

Low Prices

Pricing of essential medicines has always been a major challenge for health systems globally.In Africa,we believe that weak economic power amongst the majority has a causal link to high mortality rate due to their inability to afford these life saving drugs.

Imbued in our philosophy is the belief that if we can make these drugs more affordable,we will increase uptake and directly save more lives.As drugs approach the end of their shelf life,their potency remains intact.We target this safe window of efficacy and impress on companies to reduce prices,which we pass on to the end users through hospitals,clinics,pharmacies,and medical outreaches by NGOs.We do this through a structured,ethical and professional pathway that is traceable and auditable.


Access to essential medicines

At NearMax Synergy Ltd,we view equitable access to essential medicines as the fundamental human right of every citizen.Unfortunately,fulfilling this right is under threat,especially in Africa by inequality, occasioned by social imbalance in the spread of financial power.We believe that by working closely with pharma companies to reduce the cost of safe,efficacious near expiry drugs we will be able to significantly open the window of access to essential medicines,especially for low income earners,for women,children,and the most vulnerable of the society.



We are not just a business, we are in the business of touching lives positively. Our company is owned and managed by doctors and pharmacists,and others who understand our collaborative roles in entrenching pharmacovigilance as part of our everyday operations.We are committed to working with relevant agencies to ensure adequate tracking,usage,recall,and destruction of drugs at the terminal phase of their shelf lives.This is to ensure the safety of the public and prevent re-entry of expired products in the market.

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